A Brief History of Breitling Watches

While there are numerous luxury watches on the market today, available at fine establishments like The Boutique Manchester, none are as desirable as Breitling. In addition to its unique and fashionable design, this chronograph has provided useful features for decades. While the watch itself is interesting, the company’s extraordinary history is just as interesting.

A Brief History of Breitling Watches

As a long-time companion to aviators worldwide, Breitling watches have become synonymous with the style and precision that only a few watchmakers share. Like Tag Heuer, Breitling was founded by Leon Breitling in the late 19th century (1884) in St. Imer, Switzerland. Breitling originally founded the company with the intention of developing high-precision chronographs for explicit use in industry and science. In his view, this market sector offers a previously untapped opportunity.

Unfortunately, Leon died in 1914, at the beginning of the First World War, and his visionary son Gaston took over. Gaston, an aviation enthusiast, realized that the pilots did not have a precise tool to keep track of the weather on their planes, and many had lower watches. To capitalize on this perspective, Gaston created the first wristwatch chronograph and distributed it to the pilots.

Over the years, the business flourished. In 1932, Gaston’s son Willy took over and negotiated an exclusive agreement with the RAF, strengthening the relationship between Breitling watches and the aerospace industry. In 1952, Breitling increased its focus on aviation with the launch of Navitimer. This smart watch had a unique “navigation computer” capable of performing all the calculations necessary for the flight plan, fulfilling a need that no other watch could meet and quickly became popular among pilots worldwide. Their future clocks were so technologically superior that astronaut Scott Carpenter carried one into space in 1962.

Breitling launched a series of unique and innovative watches in the years that followed, but none as impressive as the Breitling series of emergency watches. This fantastic range of Breitling watches allows the owner to transmit on the emergency frequency 121.5 MHz for up to 48 hours. The signal has a range of up to 100 miles on flat ground and 20,000 feet in the air and is one of the main frequencies that monitors first aid in the event of a disaster or a missing person. So far, the watch has saved 21 lives and is so effective that Bear Grylls from Man VS. The savage can be seen regularly in the show when he ventures into the wilderness alone.

The relationship with Breitling and the aviation industry was based on proven principles of delivery quality and meeting specific requesting needs. The company strengthened this relationship in the 1950s when it became a supplier of piloting watches on international flights.

Breitling watches are a great company, with an equally impressive product, which rises to the constant control of those who appreciate watches the most. The Breitling Bentley comes with a variable tachometer that measures average speed. It takes its name from the prestigious British car, the Bentley.

The Breitling Navitimer, the official watch of the Association of Aircraft Owners and Pilots, was first introduced in 1952 to meet the unique needs of pilots. A pilot watch in its class with a built-in navigation computer. The clock can perform all the calculations required for a flight plan. Breitling Aerospace is another pilot watch. It is the watch for pilots who love the look of a watch with a very modern note. This Breitling watch is a star. It’s lightweight titanium.

Breitling watches represent wisdom, class, and a unique taste, which is not easy to reproduce by other luxury watches. With 100 years of innovation and rich history of aviation, Breitling is a unique watch.

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